Social Twenty-Two is a digital marketing agency providing independent businesses with creative and innovative digital solutions. 

We focus on creating progressive change and bringing value to clients’ businesses. We are the first touchpoint for accessing content and marketing tools to connect your customer to your brand’s digital world, seamlessly.


Social Media Management

We understand the importance of creating brand visibility in the digital era, however social media marketing is much more complex than just becoming visible.

Our campaigns go beyond likes, comments and shares. We are dedicated to creating strategies that are aligned to the objectives of your business. The content designed for your business is focused on achieving the results that actually matter!

We provide weekly content to have an impact on your existing community, while rapidly increasing your brand awareness, reaching new customers and driving online traffic to your website.

Trending hashtags on Instagram or an engaging campaign for Facebook — we can showcase your brand in front of your targeted audience on social media and optimise your campaigns to give you the best possible results.

Blog Writing

Creating the appropriate tone of voice for your target audience is a crucial part of blog writing. Our team optimises the tone of our blogs to suit your audience, while creative captivating and persuasive content.

Blog writing takes time, which is why many independent businesses are unable to commit to regularly publishing articles. However, providing blogs for your audience is more important than you may think! 99 Firms reported, websites with blogs have up to 97% more inbound links than sites without blogs.

Our team can provide regular articles to cover a variety of topics, including: informative articles, industry news, and product and service information. SEO is a huge part of digital marketing, which makes blog writing an ideal addition to your brand in order to include key words and contribute to an increase in back links.

Marketing and Content

Creating brand awareness is imperative when engaging with your community of customers. Social Twenty Two utilises our design techniques and content writing credentials to create marketing materials such as, customised logos, price lists, brochures and leaflets. 

Marketing materials are an essential part of capturing your customer’s attention to interact with your brand. With that in mind, our team is committed to creating customised materials to increase your brand engagement and create a personable and credible tone behind your brand.

Utilising your brand guidelines, we will accommodate your visions and turn them into reality, creating marketing content adapted to fit your brand’s personality to positively impact your clients experience with your business.

social media

Bringing your brand visions to life through the power of social media.


  • Two Instagram grid posts weekly
  • Two Facebook posts weekly
  • Three Instagram and Facebook story posts weekly
  • Monthly analytical report
  • Optimising SEO content
  • Social media strategy


+ £100/mo for two blogs


  • Three Instagram grid posts weekly
  • Three Facebook posts weekly
  • Four Instagram and Facebook story posts weekly
  • Monthly analytical report
  • Optimising SEO content
  • Social media strategy


+ £100/mo for two blogs


  • Five Instagram grid posts weekly
  • Five Facebook posts weekly
  • Six Instagram and Facebook story posts weekly
  • Monthly analytical report
  • Optimising SEO content
  • Responding to DM’s and comments
  • Social media strategy


+ £100/mo for two blogs

* Minimum of 3 month contract for each package


Creating inviting marketing content to support your brand’s identity.


  • Blog writing using SEO £70.00 per blog
  • Copywriting £50.00 per hour
  • Brochure design (price varies)
  • Leaflet design (price varies)


  • Logo £55.00 
  • Additional logos £35.00
  • Business card £45.00
  • Price list / Aftercare cards £45.00
  • Loyalty cards £35.00
  • Monthly social media strategy £30.00 per month

* Printing of materials can be quoted at an additional cost

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